Exemplary customer service from the team at BXTAccelyon

The customer services team at BXTAccelyon has gone from strength to strength over the last 12 months. Recent contract wins have increased demand for the service that currently operates in 13 countries internationally. The highly knowledgeable team of four provide an exemplary service for our customers that goes way beyond what you’d expect from the average customer service team.

The team, Avni, Katrin, Lucy and Mark, are seasoned customer service professionals. They have a thorough understanding of both PrecisionPoint™, a device that bypasses the need for the risky transrectal prostate cancer biopsy that many UK Trusts are phasing out, and LDR Brachytherapy, a permanent radiotherapy seed implant treatment for prostate cancer which is considered a less invasive alternative to radical prostatectomy. The team does everything in their power to provide the best possible service and are always conscious of the importance of what they do. After all, ensuring a patient has LDR-B treatment on time could save their life.

Customer service at BXTAccelyon has an impressive success rate. Since 2013, the team’s processes have been ISO accredited, they have achieved excellence in internal audits over the last 12 months and achieved an industry leading standard in delivery success for the rapidly growing implant procedure orders they process.

The team pride themselves on their proactive approach. Handling everything from the initial order placement through to follow-up care, the team make the transition for new customers as smooth as possible by providing an easy setup and a straight forward ordering process. They put together an action plan for each individual new centre and introduce themselves as the point of contact for each. To prepare the hospital for its first order, a pack is put together with order forms and activity charts to show hospitals how the order process works, delivery protocols, and dummy orders to show what to expect and how things will be packaged. For Brachytherapy customers the team also carries out a live seed order to test the route.

Hands-on training is provided for hospital clinical teams through a personalised website, WebBXT, allowing centres to process orders online themselves. The team also meets with each partner to go through manual orders and practice the process. In addition, the team pays close attention to orders to ensure that the process is smooth, the couriers know where to deliver and the hospital teams know who the key contacts are.

When a potential issue arises the team is ready to leap into action. On one occasion, a member of the team worked around the clock to ensure that a replacement order arrived on time for a patient’s Brachytherapy treatment after there was a problem with the initial order from the supplier in North America. With just two days until the treatment was booked to take place, it was crucial to make sure the replacement order arrived on time and that everyone inv