Prostate cancer procedure one day, golf the next

New Zealand brachytherapy patient and prostate cancer survivor, Bruce Stewart, recently shared his story with Fairfax Media New Zealand – see his story here, and a detailed case study of Bruce’s experience with brachytherapy below.

A prostate cancer procedure on the Thursday, golf on Friday, about sums up Palmerston North solicitor and prostate cancer survivor Bruce Stewart’s experience with Low Dose Rate (LDR) brachytherapy

“The procedure was completely painless,” says Bruce. “It was minimally intrusive and over so quickly that the only disruption I endured was the initial diagnosis and the psychological effects of finding out I had cancer.”

Bruce’s experience with LDR brachytherapy is not unusual because LDR is a targeted form of internal radiotherapy and an effective, minimally invasive treatment for prostate cancer with significant quality of life benefits over alternative treatments such as surgery and chemotherapy.

“Originally my urologist gave me a book that set out the alternatives. I read the book and talked to friends who had been through the process of surgery. Then I met somebody who had been treated by Professor David Lamb, so I got my urologist to refer me to him,” says Bruce.