Tom Wolf gets the all-clear

Tom Wolf gets the all-clear after having LDR brachytherapy to treat his prostate cancer

US Governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Wolf, has been given the all-clear from doctors less than a year after being diagnosed with prostate cancer. He revealed he had the disease in February 2016, then went on to treat it with LDR brachytherapy. His choice of treatment meant that he had minimal disruption to his busy life and 2 days after undergoing LDR brachytherapy, the 68 year old was back in the office, with no major symptoms or side effects of the procedure.

News of Tom Wolf's complete recovery from prostate cancer was announced in today's media:

Find out more about LDR brachytherapy as a treatment for prostate cancer here.

For further information on other successful patient stories using LDR brachytherapy, take a look our web page dedicated to patient experiences.

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