US Governor Tom Wolf talks about his brachytherapy treatment

Tom Wolfe (photo taken from the Washington Times)

US Governor Tom Wolf has been open about his prostate cancer treatment since he first announced his diagnosis in February. He wanted to talk frankly about his prostate cancer diagnosis from the start, to encourage other men to have regular checks for the disease which, when caught early, is treatable with a 5 year survival rate of almost 100%. *

Following his diagnosis and after discussing treatment options with his doctors, Governor Wolf opted to have seed implantation. The procedure involved tiny radioactive seeds being injected directly into the prostate gland and was perfomed in just a couple of hours.

Talking about his treatment Governor Wolf described how he went in for the procedure on a Tuesday morning and was at home resting by noon that day. By Thursday he was back in the office, with no major symptoms or side effects of the procedure.

"I don’t mean to make light of this because I know it’s very serious, but they got it early enough and its been a nonevent in my life," Wolf said. "Its been an interesting experience how mild the consequences of the procedure have been."

Governor Wolf talks to ABC 27 News:

Prostate cancer affects 1 in 8 men at some point in their life, but when caught early survival rates are high. The most common age to be diagnosed is 65. LDR brachytherapy is a clinically proven and quicker treatment for the disease, with fewer side effects compared to other treatments such as surgery.

As highlighted in the article seed implantation, also known as LDR brachytherapy, is a quick, convenient treatment option. Find out more about LDR brachytherapy and whether LDR brachytherapy is right for you.

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* Prostate Cancer Foundation

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