All You Need To Know About 4D Brachytherapy

Brachytherapy has been used in the successful treatment of prostate cancer for over 25 years and is a proven, effective alternative to other treatments including watchful waiting, hormonal therapy, surgery or traditional radiotherapy.

Brachytherapy is a targeted form of radiotherapy used for treating localised prostate cancer. This means that it can be used to treat patients whose cancer has not spread outside the prostate itself. Prostate brachytherapy is sometimes referred to as low dose-rate (LDR) brachytherapy or seed implantation.

'Brachy' means close. In prostate brachytherapy, a radioactive seeds (each the size of a grain of rice) are permanently inserted directly into the prostate gland to target the dose of radiation as close to the cancer cells as possible. This means that the cancer cells can be killed whilst minimising damage to the surrounding healthy cells.

Whilst there are a number of techniques currently used to successfully perform brachytherapy, the most recent, efficient technique, is a one-stage real-time technique that is not only quicker, but also more effective: 4D Brachytherapy.