This interactive biopsy course is aimed at Urologists, Oncologists, Radiologists, trainees and advanced nurse practitioners in Urology involved in the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer, and for those carrying out transperineal biopsies who are interested in changing the paradigm of outpatient prostate cancer diagnostics for transrectal prostate biopsies to transperineal biopsies.


The workshop focuses on the use of Precision Point Transperineal Access System for local anaesthetic free hand transperineal biopsies in the prostate cancer diagnostic pathway.

The PrecisionPoint™ Transperineal Access System revolutionizes the methodology for obtaining prostate biopsies. This medical system takes full advantage of the transperineal path to more thoroughly sample all regions of the prostate including those difficult to access with the transrectal approach. Since the technique is free hand, the practitioner can easily target the desired locations with certainty and through a single puncture of the skin.


In addition, the PrecisionPoint™ minimizes the potential for infection, since passage of the biopsy needle avoids the rectal wall contaminants entirely.


For the patient, this means no bowel prep or need to pre-medicate with antibiotics. The PrecisionPoint™ enables the practitioner to perform the biopsy under local anesthesia in a short duration procedure.

We now offer quality education and training on biopsy procedures using the PrecisionPoint device, from the state-of-the-art cancer centre at Guy’s and St Thomas’ in London. In developing this programme of activity, we have unrivalled access to leading experts in cancer care, treatment and services.

Our courses run throughout the year and are bookable on a 1 or 1.5 day basis. See below for more information.