About BXTAccelyon

BXTAccelyon is fast becoming one of the leading partners to hospitals and clinics worldwide in providing brachytherapy to treat prostate cancer.


Brachytherapy is a proven effective and minimally invasive prostate cancer therapy with significant quality of life benefits over alternative treatments.1-3


BXTAccelyon understands that offering prostate cancer patients brachytherapy depends on physicians having access to high quality products delivered with expertise and reliability. BXTAccelyon brings a new focus and unrivalled commitment to brachytherapy – and an established, world-class service.

BXTAccelyon Photo Showing Call Centre Staff

Proven products: The BXTAccelyon brachytherapy seeds have been widely used over a number of years to treat prostate cancer successfully. Find out more about our products here.


Dedicated, experienced team: Led by Saheed Rashid, BXTAccelyon has a first class team of highly knowledgeable individuals with many years of experience in the brachytherapy sector. They understand what is important to their customers and are committed to delivering consistently excellent support. Find out more about the team at BXTAccelyon here.


Reliable, efficient service: BXTAccelyon understands how the supply of the correct product prescription is time-critical in brachytherapy and they have in place an efficient supply chain system which is guaranteed to deliver to the highest standards of quality and reliability. Find out more about our services here.


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